Thank you for visiting the Madison County Purchasing Office website. The Purchasing Office provides procurement services for the Madison County departments and offices.

We wish to invite all businesses to participate in the bidding process. Please take advantage of this information and opportunity.

Should you require additional information, please feel free to call the Purchasing Office at 315-366-2247. Our staff will assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Purchasing Office

The principal objective of the Purchasing Office is to provide all Madison County departments with the goods and services necessary to accomplish their functions. We strive to meet this objective while obtaining the best possible price, stimulating the local economy by distributing procurement dollars to a broad group of vendors, and insuring that proper procedures, as prescribed by state law and county charter, are followed. We also act as a source of information and assistance to town and village purchasing officials.

Duties & Responsibilities

Madison County operates a decentralized procurement system administered by the Purchasing Office. The primary function is to procure in a cost effective, timely, and efficient manner and while in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies of Madison County and GML 103. The County of Madison will seek to procure the following at any given time:

  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Services
  • Supplies


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