Money Drop Off

At the Facility

Money transactions for inmate commissary deposits will be made on the kiosk machine in the foyer of the Sheriffs facility. Please use the touch screen and follow the instructions. There is a transaction fee associated with this type of deposit. Window transactions, with no fee, will be conducted in the lobby on Tuesdays from 6 until 9 p.m.

Online / By Phone

Deposits can also be made via internet by going to the Gov Pay Now website, or by phone at 888-277-2535. There is a fee for the Gov Pay or phone method.

Funds will be deposited into the inmate’s commissary account.

Inmate Property

Listed items may only be dropped off Mondays from 8 to 11 a.m., and Tuesdays from 5 to 9 p.m. Items not on this list will not be allowed in.

  • Books - limit of five, soft cover (paperback) only
  • Clothing - new and in unopened packages, white only in color
    • Court clothes - accepted and stored in the property room
    • For Females - Sport type bras - no wires, limit of six each
    • Sneakers - Velcro straps only (no laces), white in color, limit one pair
    • T-shirts - may substitute thermal tops, limit of six each
    • Underpants - may substitute thermal bottoms, limit of six each
  • Magazines - limit of five
  • Newspapers
  • Note books, writing pads, and art pads - no metal or wire bindings


  • One pair low cut shoes - no metal eyelets
  • One shirt
  • One suit or sport coat
  • One tie


  • One blouse
  • One dress, skirt, or slacks
  • One pair low cut shoes - no metal eyelets
  • One sweater