Work Release

Building a House

The Work Release Program allows inmates at the facility to work at an outside job while they are incarcerated. Only county-sentenced inmates are eligible, and they must serve 30 days before applying. After filling out an application, approval forms are sent to the Judge, District Attorney and Probation Officer involved in the case. If all three give their approval, the Work Release Coordinator evaluates the inmate’s behavior while at the facility, past charges, and place of employment. The Corrections Captain gives final approval.

If approved, the prisoner is allowed to leave the facility to go to his job. The participant must travel directly to work and return immediately to the facility at the end of work. They are given a Breathalyzer daily, and are subject to random drug tests. They are not allowed to contact family or friends while on the outside. Any breach of the rules will terminate their work release privileges, and could result in additional charges.