Food Service Permitting & Inspections

We work to protect community health by working with food service establishments (owners, operators, caterers, and the community) to avoid imminent health hazards through design and management, education, permitting, and inspections. These efforts result in fewer food borne illness in the community.


Our Environmental Health staff:

  • Provide plan review and approval for new food service facilities
  • Issue permits for food service operators
  • Investigate food borne illness outbreaks
  • Investigate complaints
  • Provide training for the food service industry by request on preparation, storage, and service of food (Food Safety 101)
  • Provide information and education on food safety issues
  • Inspect permanent, temporary, and mobile food services
  • Inspect community and school food service facilities
  • Enforce the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act at food service facilities

Types of Permitted Food Service Operations

Food Inspection Results

View the food inspection results page or contact our office by emailing the Madison County Public Health or calling 315-366-2526.

Home Processor Exemption

Do you plan to make foods such as certain baked goods, jellies or snack mixes? If yes, you may qualify for a Home Processor Exemption from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Contact Information/File a Complaint

Email the Madison County Public Health or call us at 315-366-2526.

Updated April 27, 2023