Board of Supervisors


138 N Court Street
Wampsville, NY 13163

P.O. Box 635
Wampsville, NY 13163



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Name Title Email Phone
Becker, John M. Chairman 315-687-9190
Bono, Ronald Madison Municipality   315-263-8655
Burns, Emily Confidential Secretary to Board of Supervisors 315-366-2201
Cavanagh, Mary City of Oneida: Wards 1-2-3    
Coe, Christine Executive Assistant to the County Administrator 315-366-3071
Corbin, Loren Brookfield Municipality   315-899-6233
Cunningham, James J. Nelson Municipality   315-655-8582
DiVeronica, Rocco Lenox Municipality   315-697-9291
Field, Samantha Public Information Officer 315-366-2822
Goldstein, James Lebanon Municipality   315-691-3311
Jones, David Fenner Municipality   315-655-2859
Lawrence, Fred DeRuyter Municipality   315-367-1355
Magliocca, Joseph City of Oneida: Wards 4-5-6   315-363-5243
Moses, Clifford Eaton Municipality   315-684-3711
Nirelli, Yvonne Lincoln Municipality   315-697-8837
Ostrander, Joseph City of Oneida: Wards 4-5-6    
Roberts, Matthew A. City of Oneida: Wards 1-2-3   315-264-2076
Scimone, Mark County Administrator 315-366-2201
Shwartz, Eve Ann Hamilton Municipality   315-691-2917
Stepanski, Alexander Stockbridge Municipality   315-495-6752
Stokes, Thomas J. Smithfield Municipality   315-684-3627
Urtz, Cindy L. Clerk to the Board 315-366-2201
Walrod, Paul Georgetown Municipality   315-837-4480
Wayland-Smith, Tina County Attorney   315-366-2203
Zupan, William Cazenovia Municipality   315-655-8977