After I complete the PIRP course, how do I receive the point reduction?

The PIRP sponsor will notify the DMV within ten weeks after you complete the course. A notice will then be entered on your driving record, and the DMV computer will automatically reduce your active point total by up to four points. Important: Completion of a course under the "Point & Insurance Reduction Program" does not remove, delete, subtract, or erase any violation, conviction, or notice of original number of points from your driving record. Even after you complete the course, most violations, conviction and points assessed will continue to show on your driving record for up to four years. Violations and convictions involving drugs or alcohol will remain on your driving record for ten years. "Point reduction" means the DMV will not count up to four points on your driving record toward license revocation or suspension.

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1. After completing the PIRP course, how do I receive the insurance reduction?
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