What effect does point reduction have on my license and driving record?

Point reduction applies only to points assessed for violations that occurred within the eighteen months immediately before course completion. It does not affect points for earlier violations, and cannot be used as "credit" against future violations or points.

Point reduction cannot reduce your point total lower than zero.

If your license has already been revoked or suspended, or if a violation hearing has already been scheduled, point reduction will not affect that action.

Point reduction does not prevent or cancel a mandatory revocation or suspension for violations such as DWI, DWAI, or three speeding violations within 18 months.

Points may be reduced only once in any 18-month period. The DMV point system and insurance company "point" systems are separate and not related. Point reduction on your driving record does not affect points assigned by your insurance company for violations and accidents.

Completion of a course under the "Point & Insurance Reduction Program" also cannot prevent or reduce the calculation of points affecting a "Driver Responsibility Assessment." The most recent  information about the "Driver Responsibility Assessment" program is available from the DMV Internet Office.

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