Why have my water tested?

Warning! Do not drink water from springs. Springs can contain chemicals that could make you sick.

Everything seems fine-looks, tastes great, why bother testing?

Water consumed from a non-regulated source has the potential of carrying harmful bacteria that when present can make you ill.  The properties of water have an impact on your health, livestock, expensive equipment such as water heaters and washing machines, and any other use on your list.  Undergoing sampling provides a baseline set of values so you can understand basic characteristics and possible hazards.  How can bad things happen to a seemingly good water source? Below are two examples:

  • Germs (bacteria and viruses) or other contaminants may be getting into your well water through the old, cracked, incorrect or “at a tilt” well cap.

    The well cap is the first important step in regaining control of your water system from the outside-in.  If you haven’t seen it in a while, check it out. A sanitary well cap is the best option if installing new or looking for a replacement.
  • Storm water runoff or chemicals and other elements in the soil and rocks can dissolve in groundwater and may impact your drinking water and this could affect your health.

    Depending on the well installation, geography, soils and a number of other factors, there is a possibility of rain/snow water runoff carrying contaminants to enter your well and influence your home.  Road salt, sprays, fertilizer, manure can all be carried and deposited great distances from the source.

It is your responsibility to check and maintain your private system to protect yourself, family, neighbors and the water source!


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