What is in my water?

Your well water contains elements that are vital to life such as Calcium, minerals that provide health benefits like Fluoride, and harmful bacteria that may cause illness, such as E.coli.  Understanding specifically what is in your water and how to reduce hazards will allow you to enjoy the most from your private water source. 

View a list of what properties we recommend sampling for based on New York State Water Quality Standards for Individual Onsite Water Supply Systems (Appendix 75-C (PDF)

  • Click here for the standards and a detailed narrative. 
  • Click here for a list of the properties only listed in Appendix 75-C standards recommended for sampling

Other advanced testing is available for concerns with pollutants such as fertilizers, metals, and chemical contamination. Contact your local testing lab for more information about options to suit your needs.

Remember, you can choose only the characteristics you would like tested. At an absolute minimum, bacteria testing is recommended.  E. coli is considered to be the species of coliform bacteria that is the best indicator of fecal pollution and the possible presence of harmful pathogens.  

For more information, call the Madison County Health Department at (315)-366-2526 today!

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