What substance abuse and detox programs are available?

Substance Abuse

12-Step Meetings: AA, NA, Alanon

For Madison County local meeting schedule see www.aadistrict0490.org 

For Central NY meetings see www.aacny.org 


Rescue Mission of Utica - Addictions Crisis Center

212 Rutger Stree

Utica, New York 13501

Phone: (315) 735-1645


The following resources are also available:

Syracuse Behavioral Health - The Willows

847 James Street

Syracuse, New York 13203

Phone: (315) 701-1516


Evaluations and/or treatment at OASAS-certified programs:

Family Counseling Services


Community Recovery Center @ Rome Memorial Hospital

264 West Dominick Street

Rome, New York 13440

Phone: (315) 334-4701


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