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Images of Madison County Photo Contest

  1. Images of Madison County Photo Contest

  2. Chairman John Becker is asking the community to share photos that capture the history, beautiful scenic views, events and everyday life throughout Madison County. Selected photos will be framed for display in the County Office Building and shared on the County website and Facebook page. One winner from each Town and the City of Oneida will receive a brass doorknob from the Madison County Courthouse embossed with the County Seal and the year MDCCCVI (1806). The deadline for photo submissions is Friday, March 2, 2018.

  3. Photo of Courthouse Doorknob 1806

  4. Donor Agreement - Terms and Conditions*

    By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you authorize Madison County to digitize material you have provided and use it as they deem appropriate. In donating the digital material, it will be made available for use by Madison County under the “Fair Use” doctrine, of the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) in an online collection. Additionally, the material may be used for county exhibition, for online web pages and publications. You authorize the Madison County, at its discretion, to provide digital copies of this material to interested parties. Madison County reserves the right to dispose of digital images or items, which, in its judgment, are no longer a benefit to Madison County.

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