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Madison County HIPAA Privacy and Security Training

  1. Madison County HIPAA Privacy and Security Training
    In this session, you will be introduced to federal requirements that serve to protect a patient’s rights to privacy and security of their personal and health information. You will learn how we use patient information and bill for our services. You will be introduced to the procedures and practices that are in place to protect patient information entrusted to us, including the role of the Privacy Officer and Security Officer. We expect that you will fully understand your role and the responsibilities we entrust to you, as an employee, in protecting the privacy of those we provide services to.

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    This is to certify that I have viewed and understand the Madison County HIPAA training presentation. I have been provided with the opportunity to ask any questions that I may have. I agree to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule and related policies and procedures, applicable to my position. This will be expected as part of my continued association. I understand that I must report any instances of possible violations of HIPAA, laws, regulations, and policies and procedures to Madison County's HIPAA Privacy Officer. I understand that my failure to comply with HIPAA, laws, regulations, and policies and procedures or to report possible violations may result in disciplinary action.

    Submission of this form is your legally binding acknowledgement that you have viewed the training material.

  3. HIPAA Post-Training Test (Required)
    Upon completion of the training video, please answer the below questions to test your knowledge of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.
  4. 1) Examples of Protected Health Information (PHI) include:*
  5. 2) According to HIPAA Privacy regulations, which types of patient information are protected?*
  6. 3) You overhear several employees talking in the break room about a patient who was just admitted to the agency for services. They refer to her by name and are discussing some of the family dynamics. Is this a HIPAA Privacy violation?*
  7. 4) One of your patients is also receiving services from Agency XYZ, another healthcare provider. A staff member from Agency XYZ requests a copy of the patient's TB test results. What is the appropriate action?*
  8. 5) Because I have access to patient records as part of my job, it is okay for me to access any patient records as long as I do not share the information. *
  9. 6) You are at the copier and notice that patient information has been discarded in the wastebasket. What should you do?*
  10. 7) You were notified that Agency ABC received the evaluation results of a person not known to that agency. They agreed to fax the test results back to your agency. What should you do?*
  11. 8) Your laptop was locked in your car while you went to lunch. You returned to find your car was vandalized and your laptop was stolen. You immediately notified the police and are waiting for an officer to arrive. What should you do?*
  12. 9) You received an email from an employee notifying you that the IT department needs to upgrade your computer. You are asked to provide your password. What should you do?*
  13. 10) Your co-worker goes on break and leaves the computer logged on to the confidential patient record system. You need to look up patient information using the same computer. What is the appropriate action?*
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