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Website VTL Disposition


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. For DA's Office
  • Step One

    1. Madison County District Attorney's Office

    2. Honorable William G. Gabor

      District Attorney
      Veterans Memorial Building
      Wampsville, New York 13163

      Telephone: 315-366-2236
      Facsimile: 315-366-2503

    3. Chief Assistant District Attorney

      Robert A. Mascari

    4. Assistant District Attorney

      Elizabeth S. Healy
      Scott T. Bielicki
      Joseph A. Mellace
      Kathleen A. Rapasadi
      Bradley J. Moses

    5. Investigator

      Paul E. Clapper

    6. Confidential Secretary

      Cheryl F. Williams

    7. Confidential Secretary to the Chief Assistant District Attorney

      Mary Beth Albro

    8. Administrative Staff

      Linda L. Barbour
      Tiffany J. Lawrence
      Linda L. Paul
      Lori J. Storm

    9. Victim Advocates

      Ashley Andre
      Ross Whitford

    10. Ticket Number(s) and Charge

    11. Ex. TS008411111

    12. Ex. 1180 (__)

    13. Ex. Speeding

    14. The People have reviewed the facts and circumstances of this case including any submissions – such as an equity letter and / or the Defendant’s DMV Abstract – submitted as part of the disposition request. Based on this, the People extend the following offer to dispose of the case.

    15. The Court's attention is called to the following factors: