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Website VTL Disposition Input - Generation Requirements


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. For DA's Office
  • Step One

    1. Seeking to request a reduction needs:

      To Input:
      1. Full Name (as on ticket);
      2. Address (current – even if different from ticket);
      3. Attorney (if one has been retained);
      4. Email (either Defendant’s if no attorney or attorney’s);
      5. Telephone contact number;
      6. Court (from ticket – if multiple courts, need to fill out form for each separate court);
      7. Ticket Number (from ticket and for each ticket – can be multiple tickets);
      8. Date (date issued – could be multiple);
      9. Offense Charged (from ticket – could be multiple).

      To attach as a PDF file:
      1. Any equities letter;
      2. Current DMV Abstract;
      3. Any other documentation defendant / attorney wishes to submit.