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Fire Investigation for the Line Officer Registration Form

  1. Fire Investigations for the Line Officer

    This course discusses the legal authority, and who has the responsibility, to conduct fire investigations. Students learn about fire scene security and their role in the identification and preservation of evidence potentially relevant to a fire investigation. Participants are provided an overview of the fire investigation process to assist in meeting requirements of General Municipal Law § 204d, and so they can recognize instances where a certified fire investigator should be requested. Designed for: All fire service personnel, with emphasis toward Fire Officers and Officer Candidates. Course Length: 6 hours Prerequisites: None Course number: 01-01-0039 Course Location(s): Regionally via Outreach, Academy Student Required Equipment/Materials: None


    Registration for all Madison County course is now mandatory. Registration priority is given to County agencies, their regular mutual aid partners, then out of county students. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the fire coordinator if they have registered for a course and their availability has changed.

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