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Request and Referral Form for Home Checkup Assessment

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  2. Healthy Homes Home Checkup Assessment Request and Referral Form

    Healthy Homes is a free health and safety program that offers participants in-home assessments, interventions, and referrals for asthma, tobacco cessation, indoor air quality, lead, injury prevention, fire safety and other environmental health hazards. 

    Participants receive education, resources, referrals, and FREE products and supplies.  Supplies may include: cleaning supplies, child safety items, as well as smoke, carbon monoxide, and radon detectors, and MORE. 

    Eligible participants must live in Madison County and program services may be prioritized by a city/town focus area, income, or need. 

    The Healthy Homes Program makes two attempts to contact a participant using the contact information provided. 

  3. This is not a home repair or enforcement program; this program provides education and referrals*
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