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Active Enrollment figures as of  9/1/2017:  Total 40,193

          DEM:11,129  REP:15,869  CON:871   GRE:121   WOR:222   IND:2,612  WEP:6   RFM:5    NOP (No party):9,358

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Update: The Constitutional Convention Proposition Vote & how your vote is counted


2017 is a local election year. The offices on the ballot will be for County, City & Town leaders. To run in the November Election candidates will petition or caucus (according to party rules) starting June 6th, 2017. To learn more click on

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2017 Political Calendar

Political Calendar Pamphlet with Offices

                                      Petition & Caucus Filings                                            (last day to file a caucus - September 19th)

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Voter bill of rights: Click to view your rights as a voter in New York State.

Military & Oversea Voter Empowerment Act MOVE

Voting in Madison County


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The Madison County Board of Elections is dedicated to ensuring that all eligible residents have the opportunity to register to vote, easily cast their vote & be confident that every vote is counted.
Accurate information will be provided regarding voter registration, the voting process, and running for office. Elections will be conducted according to Election Law in a nonpartisan, open manner to ensure public confidence. The Board of Elections is committed to serving all citizens & administering Elections that are accessible & fair with valid results.


 Laura P Costello                              Kelley S Hood
Democratic Commissioner               Republican Commissioner

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