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1. Can you tell me if my agency is eligible to apply for the funding?
2. Is the program I am interested in submitting a good fit for the proposal?
3. Can you tell me about the funding and the process?
4. Is the application process difficult?
5. Do you need to know if we are going to apply?
6. Can I ask questions about the application?
7. As I'm re-reading the packet, am I correct that only programs that serve grades 7-12 are eligible?
8. Would our program be eligible if it runs the same days as schools and does not run in the summer?
9. Is there a template to use for submitting a proposal and where is it located?
10. We are a nonprofit. Can we apply and how much can we apply for?
11. I am feeling constrained in expressing the need section adequately with the 100 word limit. Is there anything you can suggest?