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911 Telecommunications

  1. Feedback

    This form is for comments and concerns related to 911 activities. We appreciate both positive and constructive feedback.

Board of Elections

  1. Become an Election Inspector

    Interested in being an inspector for the Board of Elections

  2. Voter Feedback Form

    This allows voters to give feedback on a variety of different services that is offered through our Board of Elections.

  1. Become an Election Inspector and/or Wait List for Inspector Class

    Interested in being an inspector for the Board of Elections

Board of Supervisors

  1. Approval for Contracts Under $20K

    This form is to be used to ensure a complete review by the County Administrator and Compliance Officer for contracts under $20,000... More…

  2. Proposed 2020 Budget Summary
  1. Madison County Community Feedback Form

Corporate Compliance & HIPAA

  1. Annual HIPAA Privacy & Security Training
  2. Compliance in Focus Newsletter Suggestion Box
  3. Corporate Compliance for Employees 2023

  4. Corporate Compliance Training Video

    Submission of this form is your legally binding acknowledgement that you have viewed the training video and materials.

  5. HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures Acknowledgement of Receipt

    1. Download of the HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures 2. Sign the electronic Acknowledgement of Receipt

  6. HIPAA Training for Health Care & Health Plan Departments
  1. Compliance Code of Conduct
  2. Corporate Compliance Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement
  3. Corporate Compliance Training for Class A Contractors

    Madison County NY Government’s Mandatory Corporate Compliance Training for its Class A Contractors.

  4. Distribution of Corporate Compliance Plan and Policies
  5. HIPAA Training for Business Associate Departments

    County Attorney, IT, Building Facilities

Emergency Management

  1. Fire Training Center Request Form
  2. Madison County Office of Emergency Management Newsletter

    The Emergency Management Office will be publishing a quarterly newsletter for the first responder community throughout Madison County.... More…

  3. Radio Change/Repair Request Form
  1. Fire Training Registration Form

    Registration for all Madison County course is now mandatory. Registration priority is given to County agencies, their regular mutual... More…

  2. Municipal Points of Contact - 2022 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update


  1. Shout Out Form

    Recognize a County employee with a Shout Out!

  1. Signup for MC Alert

    MC Alert is a way that staff can be alerted to emergencies that occur on the Madison County campuses. Stay informed, stay alert, stay... More…

Madison County Sheriff's Office

  1. Internship
  2. Madison County Sheriff's Office Complaint Form
  3. Policing Reform Plan Public Comment Form

    Public input on the current relationship of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office with the community is welcome. We are asking for... More…

  4. Property Check Request Form
  5. Towing Service Vendor Application and Permit
  1. Lateral Application

    Application for Lateral Transfers from other Agencies

  2. Madison County Sheriff's Office Compliment Form
  3. Project Lifesaver Information Request
  4. Report a Crime / Drug Tip **If a crime is in progress or this is an emergency, CALL 911**

    **If a crime is in progress or this is an emergency, CALL 911** Please help us keep the community safe by reporting possible crime and... More…

  5. Yellow Dot