County Works to Establish Agriculture and Renewable Energy Park - FACT SHEET

As Madison County works to create jobs and put land back on the tax rolls, sustainability is always important. Development of an Agricultural and Renewable Energy Park (ARE) at the Buyea Rd. Landfill site is an important step in establishing sustainable energy efficient businesses, creating new job opportunities and putting land back on the county, town and school tax rolls.
One partnership now under consideration would help turn bio-solids into organic fertilizer.
It is important for citizens to inform themselves on this and other important issues taking place in Madison County: just as it is important for County officials to investigate all aspects of any proposed partnership.
“We would never consider a business that would cause potential harm to the residents of this County,” said Solid Waste Director James Zecca. “Our goal is and has always been to create a complex that is energy efficient, saving tax dollars and creating jobs, and at the same time efficiently handling our solid waste for the next 100 years.”
“We want residents to feel confident in our county official’s ability to evaluate and make reasoned decisions in regard to the development of the ARE Park and/or any new development slated to launch a new business in this County,” explained John Becker Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.
“Any efforts to develop the ARE Park have always been an open and transparent process by the County,” explained, Chairman Becker.
For those concerned by recent comments that cast doubt on proposed projects at the ARE Park a repudiation is posted on the County Web site – and is also linked to the County’s Facebook page. Citizens are urged to do their own research and to get the real facts before making up their own minds about what we are doing to further the positive development of our community.
Director Zecca explained that the Solid Waste Department had always been open to providing tours of the facility to school groups, colleges, businesses and civic organizations. Each year 1,500 to 2,000 students and adults tour the facility. The Solid Waste complex has been successfully operated at this site since 1974 and has always been a good neighbor to the Town of Lincoln.
The County and the Town of Lincoln also have a Host Community Benefit agreement whereby the town gets a percentage of the tipping fees collected at the landfill. The county also turned over 10 acres in the ARE Park for development of the Town of Lincoln Highway Garage as a Host Benefit.

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