Medical Assistance: Family Planning Benefit Program

The Family Planning Benefit Program (FPBP) is a program geared toward individuals who:
  • are of child bearing age;
  • are permanent residents of New York State;
  • have a family income at or below 200 percent of the FPL (Federal Poverty Level);
  • are teens (under age 21) whose own income is at or below 200 percent FPL and unable to provide parents income information.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • reproductive health history and physical exam;
  • FDA approved birth control methods/supplies;
  • pregnancy testing and counseling;
  • preconception counseling;
  • and emergency contraception

Eligibility extends to those who may not be eligible for MA or FHP or waive their right to these programs. No resource test, AFIS, photo ID, drug and alcohol or child support requirements are necessary. You can apply at the Department of Social Services or through Planned Parenthood (315) 363-3950.

Are there co-pays for this program?

Family Planning has co-pays for certain services they provide. If you are unable to pay these, your provider can bill you, but you are still responsible for them. Children under 21 and pregnant women (until 60 days postpartum) are exempt from paying co-pays.

The co-pay schedule is as follows:

  • Physician Visits: $5.00
  • Brand Name Prescriptions: $6.00
  • Generic Prescriptions: $3.00
  • Radiology Services: $1.00
  • Lab Tests: $ .50
  • Non-urgent ER Visits: $3.00
  • Inpatient Hospital Stay: $25.00
  • Covered over-the-counter drugs; lancets; test strips; enteral formula: $1.00
  • Smoking Cessation Products: $ .50
  • Dental Visits: $5.00 (Up to a total of $25.00/year)



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