Student Youth Board Members Highlighted in Chittenango School District Newsletter

The Youth Bureau was highlighted in the Chittenango Central School's February newsletter for the addition of two high school students as Youth Board members as well as for the Leadership Program at the high school.  Click above to read the newsletter. 

Prepare for Disaster


The key to maintaining a safe, strong, and resilient Madison County is Preparation. Are you ready? The following resources and tools will ensure you, your family, pets, and your property will be ready when disaster strikes.


PrepareNY.Gov Online Citizen Preparedness Training


Courts in Madison County New York

Madison County Supreme Court
     Honorable Donald F. Cerio Jr., Acting Supreme Court Justice
     Phone: (315) 231-5301

Madison County Court
     Honorable Dennis K. McDermott, Judge
    Honorable Patrick O'Sullivan, Judge
     Phone: (315) 231-5301

CSB & Sub-Committee Meeting Schedule

Please see the attached document for the Community Services Board and Sub-Committee Meeting schedule.

Enhanced Driver Licenses

Enhanced driver license a smart way to travel
An enhanced driver license (EDL) issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles may be used for border crossings by land or sea between the US, Canada, Mexico and some Caribbean countries. An EDL cannot be used for air travel.

For more information please visit the NYS DMV EDL web page.




Very few names have more value to a town than John Lincklaen has to the Town of Cazenovia.  After serving in the Dutch navy, Lincklaen was dispatched by the Holland Land Company from Amsterdam, Holland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1790 to help North American Land Agent Theophilus Cazenove explore new pieces of property put up for sale by the State of New York.

Community Service

Community Service
Section 170.55 of New York State Criminal Procedure Law authorizes criminal courts to sentence a person to community service as part of the disposition in a criminal case.

Community service programs in New York State are administered under the authority of the Director of the State Department of Probation.
Each county in New York decides how to administer community service in that county.


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