Civil Division

Civil Division of the Madison County Office of the Sheriff is located in the Madison County Public Safety Building on North Court Street, Wampsville.


The State of New York mandates that all County Sheriff’s Offices provide a Civil Process Division. The purpose of the Civil Office is to serve and execute the numerous legal processes issued by many non-criminal courts of the County, State of New York, as well as other States and Countries. The Civil Process Division does not offer legal advice of any kind and we advise to seek an attorney for all legal questions.

Court Duties

The Office of the Madison County Office of the Sheriff, Civil Division, is the enforcement arm for all courts including city, county, state and federal jurisdictions and also includes small claims courts. Among the legal processes served for the general public and the courts are income and property executions, notices, summonses and subpoenas and warrants of eviction.

The Sheriff of the County is authorized to collect monies by way of income executions (wage garnishments) and property executions. The Sheriff also has the authority to seize property and sell it at a Sheriff’s sale. The proceeds from the Sheriff’s sale are then applied to satisfy the judgement.