Madison County Corporate Compliance


Preventing and detecting fraud, waste and abuse activities is an important fiduciary responsibility of Madison County. Madison County meets the criteria established by the Office of the New York State Medicaid Inspector General, which requires a Corporate Compliance Plan.

As such, Madison County has adopted a Corporate Compliance Plan, effective December 29, 2009, to help ensure that the organization maintains a high level of honesty and ethical behavior in all aspects of its delivery of services and relations with clients, third party payers, representatives, agents and independent contractors.  

Our intent is to reasonably design, implement and enforce a Corporate Compliance Program that will disclose, prevent and detect misconduct, fraud, waste and abuse. All County employees are expected to understand and adhere to this Compliance Plan.

For further information on our program, please contact:

Christina Kennedy, Corporate Compliance Officer
Email Christina Kennedy
Phone: 315-366-2832
Fax: 315-366-2502

Notice & Grievance Procedure Under the Americans With Disabilities Act

In accordance with  the requirements of title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of  1990 ("ADA"), Madison County will not discriminate against qualified  individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its  services, programs, or activities. 

For further information, contact the department of Public Health:

Eric Faisst, Public Health Director and ADA Officer
Email Eric Faisst
Phone: 315-366-2361
Fax: 315-366-2697