Mission & Purpose

The mission and purpose of the internship program is to offer college students who are interested in law enforcement and the criminal justice process a rewarding and an educational experience of the police profession first hand.  


Each intern works in the various units to understand the basic roles and functions of each unit within the department. Students will learn about the overall mission of the department, how it is staffed, daily activities performed, how records are kept, and services each unit provides. The work is very hands on and is composed of both observation and administrative work.


In order to qualify for an internship position you must be:

  • 19 years old
  • Enrolled at a college or university
  • Receive credit through the college or university
  • Interested in a future career in law enforcement, the government, or human services

Compensation / Wages

It is a non-paid internship. Interns will not receive any monetary compensation.

Interested in Applying?

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