Bike Helmets

Kids Riding Bikes

For bicycle season prepare the kids in your family for a safe time on their bike.

Does Your Child's Bike Helmet Fit Properly?

Brain injuries are usually the most serious injuries a bicycle rider will sustain. Helmets prevent many of these injuries or reduce their severity. Did you know that when your head hits the ground in a crash, your skull stops, but your brain continues to travel? The impact of the brain against the skull bruises and damages delicate brain tissue. This often results in lifelong changes in the way you think, act, feel, and move. Helmets absorb the shock of the impact, and prevent or reduce the severity of the crash between the brain and the skull. This is why it’s important to protect your brain every time you ride.

Legal Requirement

Remember, by law, all bicyclists under the age of 14 are required to wear approved bicycle helmets when bicycling or riding as passengers on bicycles in New York State. It’s safest for bicyclist of all ages to wear a helmet to protect their brain. When you’re riding, head out with a helmet. For questions about this, call the Madison County Health Department at 315-366-2361.