2023 Proposed Projects


Bridge/Large Culvert Projects


Lakeport Road Bridge (BIN 3309210)

Town of Sullivan over Black Creek


Larkin Road Bridge (BIN 3308580)

Town of Hamilton over Sangerfield River


Reservoir Road Culvert (LEB-559)

Town of Lebanon over Kingsley Brook


North Road Culvert (SUL-009)

Town of Sullivan over tributary of Chittenango Creek


Bradley Brook Road Culvert (EAT-348)

Town of Eaton over Bradley Brook


Roberts Street (LEN-95)

Town of Lenox over tributary of Cowaselon Creek


South Lebanon Road Culverts (LEB-583, LEB-585, LEB-586 and Cross Culvert #30)

Town of Lebanon over Tributaries to South Lebanon Brook



Road Rehabilitation & Paving Projects


Buyea Road (CR 54)

Town of Smithfield 


Campbell Road (CR 71)

Town of Lebanon


Chapel Street (CR 44)

City of Oneida 


Cramer Avenue (CR 44)

City of Oneida


Kenwood Avenue (CR 51)

City of Oneida


Mariposa Road (CR 61)

Town of DeRuyter


Middle Road (CR 33)

City of Oneida


Middle Lake Road (CR 55)

Town of DeRuyter


Rodman Road (CR 107)

Town of Lebanon


South Lebanon Road (CR 64)

Towns of Lebanon and Georgetown


Stratford Street (CR 39)

Town of Madison


Union Street (CR 44)

City of Oneida


West Lake Road (CR 15)

Town of Cazenovia