Residential Information

The term Residential Waste shall mean solid waste generated from all houses, apartments and other residential dwellings, including, but not limited to, all single family dwellings and multifamily dwellings in Madison County in which you reside.

Punch Cards are required for garbage disposal and bulky waste items at the transfer stations. Punch cards are NOT sold at transfer stations. Residents must purchase a punch card beforehand.

Residents disposing of residential waste or recyclables at one of our transfer stations should have a Residential Waste Permit. These permits are free and can be obtained at any of the transfer stations. Residents will be asked to fill out a quick form and should bring proof of residence (such as a piece of mail) to verify an in-county address. Out of county waste will NOT be accepted.  

2022 Punch Card Costs: $20.00/5 Punches

Effective January 1st, 2022, the price of punch cards will increase to $20 per card. 

The Madison County Board of Supervisors determined it was necessary to increase the 2022 punch card fee in order to more fully offset the costs of operating the transfer stations. Residents looking to dispose of household garbage and non-recyclable materials at our transfer stations can purchase punch cards at the Scale House or at local gas stations and businesses around the county. Recyclables including paper, cardboard, accepted plastic/metal/glass containers and scrap metal are free to drop off. 

Although punch cards have a 'Please Use By' date, all previous cards (2021 and older) do not expire and will still be honored at the transfer stations. Unused punches are non-refundable. To see a complete list of punch card vendors, please visit:

In 2022, the number of punches required for freon-containing units (refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc.) will increase to 5 punches per unit and the maximum number of passenger tires allowed per visit at a transfer station is 4.