Residential Information

The term Residential Waste shall mean solid waste generated from all houses, apartments and other residential dwellings, including, but not limited to, all single family dwellings and multifamily dwellings in Madison County in which you reside.

2019 Punch Card cost is $15.00/5 Punches

Residents can buy punch cards at the Landfill Main Office, village and town clerk offices, and other local businesses throughout Madison County. To find a vendor near you, click here.

Punch Cards are required for garbage disposal and bulky waste items at the transfer stations. Punch cards are NOT sold at transfer stations. Residents must purchase a punch card beforehand.

Punch cards no longer have an expiration date. Instead, there is a "Please Use By" date printed on the card. We encourage you to use the cards ASAP. All previous cards with an expiration date will be honored at the Transfer Stations. We do not give out a refund for unused punches.