Education, Medical & Religious Service

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Inmates are afforded several educational and personal development opportunities:

  • The Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) must be offered to all inmates 21 and under who do not possess a high school diploma or GED. The Madison County Jail offers the TASC to all inmates who do not possess a GED or high school diploma regardless of age. The TASC is a new form of the GED that can be taken anywhere, including online. Scores are given instantaneously if taken online or within ten days if done on paper.
  • Providing incarcerated youth with professional growth and development opportunities is a priority to Sheriff Riley. Lieutenant J. Franceschelli of the Madison County Sheriff's corrections division is an active executive board member of the New York State Association of Incarcerated Education Programs (NYSAIEP). Inmates also have the opportunity to participate in the work release/job training programs during their incarceration time.

Medical EmblemMedical

The facility has 2 full-time nurses and 3 part-time nurses who provides health services for the inmates in the facility. The county has contracted with a medical physician from the Oneida Medical Associates who comes to the facility weekly and is on-call if an inmate requires medical attention. When required, the physician will refer inmates to medical specialists outside the facility. A psychiatrist, psychologist, and a certified social worker come to the facility once a week. Inmates are also transported to a dentist and an optometrist for any dental and optometry needs.


Various services and Bible study groups are offered, some include Gideon, Catholic, Bible study, and Imam (is available for Muslim services as needed).