Key Components of the Program

  • Law Enforcement - helps fund a dedicated D.W.I. patrol by a full-time Madison County Deputy Sheriff. Overtime D.W.I. patrols for other police departments within the county.
  • Prosecution - helps fund an Assistant District Attorney who prosecutes misdemeanor D.W.I. arrests
  • Evaluation, Treatment, and Probation Services - Helps fund an Alcohol Treatment Counselor and a Probation Officer to provide these vital services to those arrested for D.W.I.
  • Community Awareness and Education-The STOP-DWI Coordinator conducts community awareness and education presentations for interested groups and organizations. The program supports SA.D.D. chapters within the school and arranges programs for high schools, elementary schools, and colleges. The Coordinator also maintains a library of tapes and films which are available without charge to any school or organization within the county. Print and sign a Contract for Life today!
  • D.W.I. Survivors' Impact Panels are conducted for those undergoing the A.D.A.P.T. alcohol education program following their arrest for D.W.I. and for those on Probation for D.W.I. who want to apply for a driver's license. These panels consist of survivors telling the story of their personal D.W.I. tragedy. These panels are also conducted in county high schools and before other groups as requested. Surveys of those attending indicate that the panels are one of the best ways to change attitudes about drinking and driving.
  • Enforcement Equipment and Support-The STOP-DWI program funds the purchase, repair, and calibration of equipment used in D.W.I. enforcement. It also cooperates in the effort to provide training to law enforcement agencies within the county. The program sponsors a yearly D.W.I. Enforcement Recognition Luncheon which honors those officers from each department who are most active in D.W.I. enforcement.
  • The STOP-DWI program also provides support for D.W.I. victims and their families. A victims' booklet was prepared, and the Coordinator is available to provide information or refer the victim to trained counselors or a volunteer support group.