Holiday Recycling 101

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The Dept. of Solid Waste has a few tips and tricks to help you rethink waste this holiday season!

Online Shopping & Packaging: As the holiday shopping season continues, many of us will be turning to online shopping to find what we need. You can recycle right by folding cardboard boxes and removing any non-paper contaminants such as loose tape or plastic packaging before placing your cardboard boxes in the recycling bin. 

Do NOT include foam, bubble wrap or shipping envelopes in your recycling bin. However, there are special drop-off recycling programs for some of these materials. Plastic film such as bubble wrap, air pillows and plastic shipping envelopes can go back to retail stores as part of their plastic film recycling program. For more information on plastic film recycling or to find a drop-off location, visit

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Wrapping Paper

Opt for Recyclable Wrapping Paper When Wrapping Gifts: When it comes to gift wrapping, try opting for low-waste or recyclable wrapping paper! Reusing gift bags/ boxes and buying non-metallic wrapping paper or brown craft paper can reduce waste this holiday season. Don't forget to reuse ribbon and bows to add some extra holiday flare. You can also add a unique and personal touch by using newspaper or brown craft paper and draw your own designs!

Avoid wrapping paper and gift bags with metallic, foil or glittery elements as these cannot be recycled. 

Reuse Your Paper Bags for Gift Wrap: Did you run out of wrapping paper or wanted to try something new? Try reusing your paper grocery bags! You can even decorate them with markers, stamps or bows to add a unique and personal touch. Once the gifts are opened, you can put the paper bags in your recycling bin and save the bows/ribbon for next year.

Reuse Paper Grocery Bags
Holiday Electronic Recycling

Recycling Old Electronics: As you switch out your old TV for a new one, don't forget to recycle your old electronics at LOJO Technology in Oneida.

This is a FREE program for Madison County residents. Bring your accepted electronics to 634 Birchwood Drive in Oneida, Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM. Business waste will NOT be accepted.

For more information and to see a list of accepted items, visit:

Christmas Tree Recycling (1)

Christmas Tree & Wreath Composting: When the time comes to take down the tree, don't forget that you can compost it through our yard waste program for free. Remove all lights and ornaments before dropping off your tree to one of our 4 transfer stations. 

OR, look into local organizations or farms who may use the trees for their animals!

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Holiday Recycling Tips
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