Party Change

How to Change Your Party Enrollment

First  Complete a new Registration form by one of the methods listed below and select the party enrollment of your choice.  

     1. Download this Registration form  (Please note form must be printed on Legal-size paper (8.5X14  Inch Paper)   
     2. Complete Online  (fastest method)  
     3. Stop at your local  Library or Post office for a form   
     4. Call our office at 315-366-2231 or stop into our office 

(Please sign and complete the entire form)

Second submit the form to the Board of Elections either in person, or by mail.  We cannot accept fax, email, or scanned copies as we need an original signature to process this form. If you use the above Online method- you're all set.  


An application to change one's party enrollment for the primary election in any year must be received by the board of elections no later than February 14th of that year.

All party changes received February 15th thru July 5th  will be effective July 5th and processed on or after July 5th.

February 14 is the statutory deadline for a Board of Elections to receive from the DMV a voter’s request to change their party enrollment for this year’s primaries. Therefore, any change of a party enrollment via this DMV site must be done by February 13 in order to be effective for this year's primary elections. You may still hand-deliver a party enrollment change directly to your local Board of Elections on February 14.

All registered voters with a party enrollment change will receive a new card in the mail once the enrollment change is effective.

NYS Election Law 5-304  prevents voters from strategically changing parties with the sole intention of adversely affecting outcomes in a party’s primary election. This law has been upheld by state and federal courts.