Narcotics & K-9

Deputy Burbidge and K9 Kota Giving a Fun DemonstrationThe Madison County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Investigators Unit consists of two full-time investigators and one full time Sergeant.

Each K-9 team attends monthly trainings and must be certified yearly. K-9 Jada and K-9 Micah reside with their handlers at their residences. In 2015, the Sheriff’s Office K-9 team’s were utilized by the MCSO or called to assist other agencies on 137 occasions.

Sergeant Burbidge & K-9 Jada

Sergeant Burbidge and K-9 Jada have been partners since early 2017. K-9 Jada has received extensive training in explosives detection, building searches, tracking and handler protection. K-9 Jada and his handler are available to serve a three county area including Madison, Chenango and Cortland Counties. K-9 Kota was retired in 2017 and was adopted by Sergeant Burbidge to remain in their home after retirement.

Sergeant Feola & K-9 Micah

Sergeant Feola and K-9 Micah have been partners since 2016. K-9 Micah is 3 years old and has been certified in drug detection, building searches, tracking and handler protection. Deputy Feola’s previous partner, K-9 Marty, was retired in January of 2016, but Marty is currently living at home with his ex-partner and loving retired life.