Fire Coordinator's Office

The Fire Coordinator wears a number of hats. He is the primary liaison between the local fire service community and local, state and federal governments. The duties of the fire coordinator include:
  • Scheduling fire, rescue and hazardous materials training with the NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control  and County training programs;
  • During an emergency the fire coordinator serves as the Regional Fire Administrator, managing resources between the local municipalities and New York Stat under the Statewide Fire Mobilization Plan;
  • Manages the various special response resources, including fire investigations, Rope Rescue, Search & Rescue (SAR) & Threat Credibility Assessment (TCAT) teams;
  • Manages Deputy Fire Coordinators, who with the Fire Coordinator provides local incident commanders with support during emergency incidents;
  • Supports and promotes fire prevention, public education and recruitment efforts.

2022 Madison County Fire Advisory Board Fire Officer Qualifications Recommendation - Click Here


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