Should I bag my recyclables? 
No, recyclables should be kept loose in curbside bins and at the transfer station containers. Paper/cardboard must be kept in a separate recycling bin from plastic/metal/glass containers. 

Where can I get a new recycling bin? 
Residents of Madison County can pick up new recycling bins at their local transfer station, when they are open. Recycling bins are FREE, while supplies last.

Will the rain affect my recycling? 
It is okay if your recyclables get wet from the rain. To help keep recyclables dry and to keep recyclables from blowing out of the container, we recommend placing your heavier plastic/metal/glass recycling bin on top of your paper/cardboard recycling bin to weigh everything down and keep the paper dry.

Do I need to tarp my waste materials when I drop it off at the Transfer Station or Landfill?
Yes! All waste materials including recyclables, trash, and construction/demolition debris should be tarped and tied down in a truck bed. Unsecure items, even if they are bagged, can fall out of the truck bed and create unsafe roads along with litter. Make sure to secure your garbage to help keep Madison County roads safe and clean.

Why do I need a punch card and where can I get one?
Residents that drop off garbage and other bulky items at our transfer stations need to buy a punch card before visiting. Punch cards are sold at the landfill scale house, village and town clerk offices, and other local businesses across the county. Punch cards are not sold at transfer stations. View a
list of local businesses that sell our punch cards.  

Can I recycle plastic items that have a #1-7 on them?
Unfortunately, not all plastics can be recycled in our program. In an effort to educate the public on what plastics can and cannot be recycled, we have moved our messaging away from using the #1-7 symbols. These numbers reflect the type of plastic used to make a product and does not mean that an item can be recycled. Instead, our messaging focuses on the shape of the material such as plastic bottles/jugs that have a "neck" or taper at the top and plastic dairy tubs. Several other communities have moved away from the number messaging as well in order to limit contamination in their recycling stream.