Employment Unit

All applicants for and recipients of public assistance must participate in public assistance work activities assigned by the local social services unit. The applicant/recipient must be in compliance with the following:

  • Job Club
  • Job Search
  • Work Experience


Applicants for or recipients of public assistance may be exempt from work activities if they meet the following exemptions:

  • Ill or injured to the extent that they are unable to engage in work activities as verified with medical evidence
  • Sixty years or older
  • Under the age of 16 or under the age of 19 and attending fulltime a secondary, vocational, or technical school
  • Disabled or incapacitated - medically verified
  • Are needed in the home due to another member of the household requiring his/her presence due to a verified mental or physical impairment
  • Is pregnant, beginning 30 days prior to the medically verified date of delivery
  • The parent or other caretaker relative in a one-parent household of a child under three months of age

For more information, see the Temporary Assistance Employment Services Fact Sheet (PDF).