Nursing Home Transition & Diversion Waiver (NHTD)

The NHTD waiver uses Medicaid funding to provide supports and services to assist individuals with disabilities and seniors toward successful inclusion in the community. Waiver participants may come from a nursing facility or other institution (transition) or choose to participate in the waiver to prevent institutionalization (diversion).

Waiver services may be considered when informal supports, local, state and federally funded services and Medicaid State Plan services are not sufficient to assure the health and welfare of the individual in the community or when waiver services are a more efficient use of Medicaid funds.

Eligible Criteria

  • Be able to identify actual location and living arrangements in which the participant will reside
  • Be assessed to need a nursing home level of care
  • Be between ages of 18 and 64 with a physical disability or be age 65 and older upon application to the waiver
  • Complete and submit the application packet
  • Have completed a Plan of Protective Oversight
  • Must be a recipient of Medicaid coverage that supports community based long-term care services