What are the Pistol Permit Restrictions?

The following is some information regarding restrictions on your Madison County Pistol Permit and when you can carry your legally registered handguns.

You may only carry handguns that are legally registered to your permit.

Unrestricted Permit: an Unrestricted Permit will allow you to carry without restrictions anywhere it is legal to carry your registered handgun unless posted otherwise.

Restricted Permit:   Restrictions limit when you may carry your handgun: You are permitted to carry your handgun when actually engaged in the activities listed in the “Restrictions” portion of your permit. Those activities are usually Hunting, Hiking, Camping &Target Shooting. You are allowed to possess the weapon on property which you have explicit permission to be on or on governmental property which is open for such activities. Hiking & Camping include such activities as ATV sports, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, fishing, etc. You are allowed to wear your weapon going to and from such activities.

You are also permitted to possess the handgun at your residence, on property that you own or traveling to and from property that you own. You may wear the weapon while traveling to and from any licensed gun dealer or a show or convention where a gun dealer is setup for business, unless such possession is specifically prohibited.

Other Restrictions: Although extremely rare, some licenses are issued as just "Premises Carry" or "Carry at Work" and restrict you to only those activities.

Carry Concealed Information:

1.    Carry Concealed: New York State is not an open carry state. All permits are Carry Concealed with exception of Premises Permits.

2.    Carry Concealed Exceptions:

Hunting is an exception to the carry concealed. If you are legally hunting wild game and have a valid permit you are allowed to carry in a semi-open manner. “Semi-open” meaning the weapon carried in a holster or other apparatus that renders the firearm inoperable unless it is removed from the holster or apparatus. Only the “butt” or handle of the firearm may be exposed.

Firing Range: exceptions to carry concealed are also made when you are at a range actively engaged in target shooting or other competition shooting. Be sure to follow the rules set out by your range or the competition committee.

It is your responsibility as a registered gun owner to know when & where it is legal to possess and carry your handgun. Carrying in violation of the Restrictions imposed on your permit will result in your permit being suspended or revoked and could also constitute a violation of law.