Prohibited Carry Locations

Sensitive Locations for Prohibited Carry Per NYS Legislation 9/1/2022

*It is your responsibility as a pistol or semi-automatic rifle permit holder to know where you can and cannot lawfully carry a handgun in NYS*

  • Any place owned or under the control of federal, state, or local government for the purpose of government administration including courts;
  • Any location providing health, behavioral health, or chemical dependence care or services;
  • Any place of worship or religious observation;
  • Libraries, public playgrounds, public parks, zoos;
  • Specified Child Care facilities;
  • Nursey schools, preschools and summer camps;
  • The location of any programs licensed, regulated, certified, operated or funded by the offices of people with developmental disabilities, addiction services and supports, mental health, temporary and disability assistance, and department of health; 
  • Homeless shelters and other designated shelters;
  • Residential settings licensed, certified, regulated, funded or operated by the Department of Health 
  • In or upon any building or grounds of any educational institute;
  • Any place, conveyance or vehicle used for public transportation;
  • Any established issued a license for on-premises consumption of alcohol beverage and any establishment license under the cannabis law for on-premise consumption;
  • Any place used for the performance, art entertainment, gaming or sporting events;
  • Any location used as a polling place;
  • Any public sidewalk or area restricted from general public access for a limited time or special event that has been issued a permit from government entity or subject to specific, heightened law enforcement protection or has otherwise had such access restricted by a government entity
  • Any gathering to express constitutional rights to protest or assemble 
  • Time Square
  • ADIRONDACK/CATSKILL PARKS- Adirondack/Catskill Parks are considered state forest preserves or are generally private lands and carry is allowed. However there are sensitive areas within the park that are still considered restricted per the new laws.


It is a class E Felony to possess or carry a firearm, rifle, and shotgun in a “sensitive location” despite a valid “have and carry concealed” license issued pursuant to Penal Law §400.00[2][f]. A list of statutorily defined sensitive places where possession is prohibited is attached hereto. 


It is a class E Felony to possess a firearm, rifle, or shotgun on private property where the licensee knows or reasonably should know that the owner or lessee of such property has notpermitted such possession by clear and conspicuous signage indicating that carrying on their property is permitted or has otherwise given express consent (see, Penal Law §265.01-d for further details and exemptions).


If you leave any gun unattended in a vehicle, it must be unloaded and locked in a fire, impact and tamper resistant storage depository hidden from view (glove compartment/glove box do not qualify). Plastic or aluminum, lockable, hard-sided gun case or safe will suffice. Best practice- ensure same is secured to the vehicle.

Persons Who Are Exempt

The following persons are exempt from the law regarding prohibited possession of firearms in sensitive locations:

  • Police officers in New York State, as defined in Criminal Procedure Law § 1.20(34), and those who were employed as police officers in New York State but are retired;
  • Retired law enforcement officers who qualify under 18 U.S.C. 926(C)(the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, or LEOSA);
  • Peace officers in New York State, as defined in Criminal Procedure Law § 2.10;
  • Armed security guards registered by the NYS Department of State while working;
  • Active-duty military personnel;
  • Persons licensed under paragraph c, d, or e subdivision 2 of § 400.00 of the Penal Law while in the course of official duties;
  • Persons lawfully engaged in hunting activity, including hunter education training;
  • Persons operating a program in their home that would otherwise be considered a sensitive location, however, such possession must comply with any rules or regulations (e.g., safe storage); and
  • Government employees with agency consent, for the purpose of natural resource protection.

Click here for the State Police FAQs regarding recent changes to NYS firearm laws.