Filed Subdivision Maps

Before any real property is subdivided into lots for sale, a copy of a map of the subdivided property that meets the following requirements must be filed in the Madison County Clerk's office.

  • All maps presented for filing must be printed or drawn with pen and India ink upon transparent tracing cloth or polyester film or be photographic copies on transparent cloth or polyester film.
  • Must be not less than 8 1/2 by 11 inches and not more than 34 by 44 inches in size. (Section 334 Real Property Law, Article 9, as amended August 1984.)
  • Must have a certificate of the licensed land surveyor filing said map attached showing the date of the completion of the survey by said land surveyor and of the making of the map by said land surveyor and the name of the subdivision. (Section 334, Real Property Law.)
  • Must have town or village planning board final approval endorsed on the map and be signed by the duly authorized officer of the planning board. (Section 278, Town Law; Section 7 to 732 Village Law.)
  • Must have New York State Department of Health approval endorsed on the map, if subdivision consists of 5 or more parcels which are 5 acres or less. (Section 1115 to 1118, Public Health Law, Article II, Title II.)
  • Must be filed with the County Clerk within 62 days of planning board final approval in towns; and within 62 days of planning board final approval in villages. (Section 276, Town Law; Section 7 to 728 Village Law.)
  • Must have endorsed thereon or annexed thereto a certificate of the County Treasurer or of an abstract and title company and of all tax collecting officers stating that all taxes on the property have been paid. (Section 334, Real Property Law.)
The information above is also available in our brochure, Filing Subdivision Maps.