History Highlights

Below are a sample of presentations created by Kevin Orr, Records Management Coordinator, for educational purposes. Primary source documents, photos, and images used in the presentations come from the County Clerk's archives, other county departments, and other sources.

The Cider Business in Bouckville
History of apple cider manufacturing in the Bouckville area, primarily by the Mott family.

The Erie Canal
A brief history of the construction and economic impact of the Erie Canal.

Madison County Highway Department
Early history of the highway department with photos from the collection of Ronald Walker, retired MC Highway Dept Maintenance Mechanic.

James Madison, Fourth President of the United States
Facts about President Madison, our county's namesake.

A Brief History of Madison County
The first 100 years - formation of the county and towns, location of the county seat.

The Mysterious Louis Anathe Muller
Discussion of French nobleman Muller and the property at Muller Hill in Georgetown.

Railroad Bonds
Many railroads traversed Madison County in the latter half of the 19th century. Funding for the railroads was through the sale of bonds. A sample of the highly ornate bonds of the era are presented.