Chronic Care / Nursing Home Care

Medicaid coverage can be provided to individuals who are seeking assistance in paying for nursing home or long term home health care services. Financial eligibility is determined based on the income and resource standards governing the Medicaid Program.

The amount of assistance that the Medicaid program will pay toward the cost of nursing home and/or home care services is determined using a comparison of the available income and resources of the applicant and his/her spouse against the cost of the medical services needed. Since each financial and medical circumstance is unique, the regulations and policies governing what assets are exempt and what assets are used in the determination of eligibility vary; therefore, income and resource standards are not listed here.

Anyone who needs financial assistance in paying for nursing home or long term home healthcare services is encouraged to contact our office for consultation regarding their specific need for benefits.

Information Needed for Nursing Home Medicaid Application

  • All life insurance policies with statement of cash value
  • Burial fund agreement with funeral home - original itemized contract and current value, including interest to date
  • Deed to property, all property tax bills for the past year, homeowners insurance policy, or rent receipt
  • Health insurance cards and premium receipt (including Medicare)
  • Original trust agreement, including attachments
  • Other information: application form completed in ink and brought to the face-to-face eligibility interview at the Madison County Department of Social Services
  • Power of Attorney document
  • Proof of birth
  • Proof of income, including, but not limited to disbursement of: wages, self-employment, income tax records, Social Security, pension, VA benefits, income tax records, Workers Compensation, interest income, and rental income
  • Social Security card
  • Verification of marital status; marriage, death certificate, or divorce papers
  • Verification of stocks, bonds, certificates of deposits, IRA, annuity, 401K, government bonds, mutual funds, Keogh, and/or deferred compensation accounts for the past 60 months
  • Verification with bank statements of all bank accounts (open and/or closed) and income tax records for the past 60 months to month prior to requested nursing home coverage

A face-to-face eligibility interview is not required, but you may request a conference to review your application/documentation. Please try to collect the majority of documents listed above that applies to your situation. In addition to the resource statements, we also require verification of any deposits or withdrawals within the accounts for amounts of $2,000 or more and cumulative withdrawals of any amount or a steady stream of income in any amount in question. Examples of verification to provide are detailed cancelled checks, detailed checkbook ledgers, bill receipts, deposit source documents, or if none of these is available, a detailed, signed and dated statement regarding the items' source of deposit and/or expense written. A form must also be completed on deposits and withdrawals over $2,000.